Alberto and Alessandro - Owners of the Brewery
Vista panoramica - Evento in esterna
The idea of the Craft Brewery ALBA was born in the 2014 by two friends Alberto and Alessandro. Their work go for on about one year to realize the project resulting to make the fist brewing in 2015. The name of the brewery is inspired to Alba, the city that is possible to see from the productive site of Guarene, the village of “La Granda” (the surname of the province of Cuneo) placed to the limit of the province of Asti.
The Brewery is sited on the hill at the base of the majestic castle of Guarene, in a side of the ancient “Farmhouse of Count”, a suggestive courted structure about 1700 b.C. characterized by hight brick vaults, under there are the productive plants of brewery. Outside it’s possible to admire on the north side of the hill the Roero with its large cultivated fields, the vineyards, the rocks and the woods, while on the other side the deep valley of the Tanaro river over which rise the famous Langhe.
The project is against the tendency. In fact insets the brewery in a land in which the tradition of wine is deeply rooted without take in consideration the difficult that encounter the entrepreneurship in general in this particular historic moment.
Nevertheless we believe in our project with the will to develop a product that gives an added value to the region in which we are grew up, that we love and consider a very wealth and resource.