The 15th edition of the national competition “Beer of the Year” promoted by Unionbirrai, concluded with the awards ceremony on the stage of the Beer and Food Attraction at the Rimini fair, Saturday 15 February 2020.


The jury, made up of a team of 108 experts, with Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove as president of the jury, evaluated and voted 2145 beers proposed (1994 in 2019) by 302 Italian breweries, divided into 42 categories.


Our DOGMA and MARTE beers ranked 1st in their respective categories:

Cat. 18 – Strong Ale of Anglo-American inspiration (English Strong Ale, American Strong Ale, Scottish Ale export, Heavy Scottish Ale)

1st place: Alba craft brewery – Dogma (2020) – 2st place (2018)


Cat. 28 – Dark beers, top fermentation, high alcohol content of Belgian inspiration (Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Dubbel, Quadrupel)

1st place: Alba – Marte craft brewery – 2st place (2018)